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Velseis Delivers Another Australian First

Since the early 80’s Velseis Pty Ltd has been at the forefront of the provision of seismic services to the Australian resource industry. Today the company prides itself on providing a fully integrated suite of seismic technologies, including survey design, drilling, acquisition, data processing and interpretation.

As one part of this diversity, Velseis is able to offer its clients a range of industry accepted seismic sources, including Explosives, Mini-SOSIE and Vibroseis. These provide the means to optimise each survey in terms of geophysical, logistical, environmental and economic objectives.

With an expanding seam gas market and recognising the need to produce
reliable coal seam imagery at deeper levels, in 2008 Velseis introduced the
EnviroVibe into the Australian seismic market. Despite being a medium weight
(8 tonne) Vibroseis unit, it provides high-quality deep imagery. A major attraction is that this can be achieved very safely, and with a reduced environmental footprint.

In another Australian first, Velseis is now pleased to announce the introduction of the UNIVIB to complement its suite of seismic sources. As with the EnviroVibe, the build of the UNIVIB satisfies the requirements to acquire seismic data safely, and in an environmentally considerate manner. What sets this unit apart, is that the hold-down mass can be increased to 12 tonnes, particularly suited for deeper targets. The UNIVIB has the ability to sweep over a very wide frequency range (1-475Hz), making it attractive for a range of applications, from shallow high-resolution coal reflection through to deeper gas and petroleum

A data sheet has been attached for the UNIVIB, and Velseis representatives
would be pleased to discuss the capabilities of the UNIVIB in greater detail.


26,000lb Peak Force



  • New vibrator buggy design for small to mid range source acquisition
  • Flexible options support Pre-Loaded Stilt Structure (PLS) actuator or accelerated impulse source
  • Smaller footprint provides easier mobility through environmentally sensitive areas
  • Up to 26,000 lbs of peak force with frequency range of 1 Hz to 475 Hz*
  • Fully integrated with INOVA’s Vib Pro source controller for greater control, timing, QC, and lower distortion
  • Pre-Loaded Stilt Structure prolongs the life of parts
  • Simplified Operator Controls
  • Improved Operator Visibility
  • Simplified Hydraulics
  • Fewer Hoses & Components
  • Articulated, Oscillated Steering
  • High Capacity Hydraulic Cooling
  • Wide Bandwidth