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Fitness for Work Policy

Velseis will ensure that our people are able to perform their tasks safely and efficiently. As part of this commitment, Velseis has a strong focus on physical, mental and emotional health to ensure fitness for work.

Our people are fit-for-work when they are free from fatigue, stress, or adverse medical conditions. In addition, we require our people to be free from the effects of alcohol, illicit drugs, or any prescribed medication that hinders performance.

To achieve a safe and healthy workplace, Velseis will:

  • promote physical, mental and emotional health to encourage safe work practices,
  • prevent inappropriate behaviour or harm caused by alcohol, drugs, stress, fatigue, poor health or poor attitude,
  • promote behaviours and attitudes which are conducive to health and safety in the workplace.

Velseis encourages employees to be proactive in monitoring their health and fitness for work and to immediately advise supervisors if they feel they are not fit for work.

Velseis will work proactively to assist any employee who feels that he is not achieving full potential due to failure to be fit for work.

Steve Hearn
Managing Director and Chief Geophysicist
23 September 2015