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Handle All Processing Challenges

imaging before tomography

Before Tomography

Velseis Processing utilizes the most advanced time and depth imaging technologies in the industry, including Kirchhoff, Beam, and Reverse Time Migration algorithms. Whether working with complex geological settings or with unconventional reservoirs, the quality of the final migration is only as good as the velocity model developed. We dedicate a great deal of care and attention to building accurate velocity models, ensuring velocity anisotropy and wide azimuth concepts are fully integrated throughout.


imaging after tomography

After Tomography

Velseis’ Pre-Stack Time & Depth Migrations are accurate, fast, and easy to use. Isotropic, VTI, TTI, HTI, and OVT options are all supported. The graphical interface is user-friendly with built in visualization capabilities for geometry QC, trace offset and azimuth histogram displays, traveltime rays and wavefront QC, and more. The migration is true amplitude and handles wide azimuth updates making it perfect for advanced AVO and Inversion analysis.

​Velocity Model Building

Velseis’ velocity model building software is designed for rapid and accurate quality control and turnaround. Sophisticated desktop solutions are available to build detailed anisotropic models. Our grid-based tomography features include:

  • ​“Multi-pass” grid cell refinement with each iteration
  • User specified velocity constant which may be water, salt, shallow horizons, etc
  • User controlled model smoothing
  • Wide azimuth back-projection updates
  • Horizon and fault picking and visualization
  • Updates from topography
  • Global and local error visualization and QC
  • Residual error back-projection QC tools