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Integrity and Ethics Policy

Velseis carries out its business operations according to the highest standards of integrity and ethics. Our company has zero tolerance to any practices which are subject to bribery, corruption or fraud, or which breach normally accepted standards of ethics and integrity. All employees are expected to maintain the same standards set by the company as an organisation.

Corporate Integrity:
Ultimate responsibility for the ethical performance of the company itself rests with the directors of the company. In making all corporate decisions the directors will actively include considerations of integrity and ethics. A fundamental criterion in all business decisions will be the maintenance of the highest standards of corporate integrity.
At a corporate level, Velseis will not participate in any business activity which incorporates any component of fraud, bribery, corruption, intimidation, extortion or wilful breach of acceptable safety or environmental standards.
When we partner with other corporate entities, we will expect those parties to adhere to the same standards which we apply internally. We will not do business with organisations which fail to satisfy these standards.

Employee Integrity:
All Velseis employees are expected to adhere to the same standards of integrity as the company itself. Employees will not participate in any activity where decisions or performance are influenced in any way by any element of bribery, corruption, extortion, or breach of acceptable safety or environmental standards.
Employees are expected to be vigilant in distinguishing between acceptable social interactions and potentially compromising interactions. Generally, it is permissible to engage in occasional social interactions or to accept low-value tokens of appreciation for work performed. For example, this might include an occasional meal with a client, or an occasional social gathering provided by a client to a field crew, in recognition of exceptional effort. Such interactions must nevertheless be diarised and reported to supervisors. The fundamental criterion to be observed is that any such interactions are infrequent, primarily social in context, and are not intended to influence work decisions or performance.

Technical Integrity:
Velseis is ultimately a provider of technical services, and it is important that our normal standards of integrity extend to scientific and technical matters. At all times we handle data with the highest technical standards. All analyses, results and interpretations are based on sound geophysical principles. We communicate our results and opinions in an accurate and unbiased fashion. We abide by all normal scientific protocols. This includes such factors as honesty and objectivity, disclosure of conflict of interest, confidentiality, and attribution of scientific credit.

Steve Hearn

Managing Director and Chief Geophysicist
23 September 2015