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R & D Team

Steve Hearn received a B.Sc.App.(Hons) with University Medal, and a Ph.D. in Geophysics, from the University of Queensland. He has worked in the seismic industry since 1981, with major seismic contractors, and as a consultant. Since joining Velseis as Chief Geophysicist in 2000, he has been responsible for overseeing the geophysical and R&D activities of the group. He serves as Managing Director of the company, encouraging a culture of technical rigor in all Velseis activities. Velseis has been a long-term supporter of teaching and research at University of Queensland where Steve is an Industry Fellow.

John McMonagle is a geophysics graduate of the University of Queensland (B.Sc.App.(Hons)). John came to Velseis in 2001, bringing over 10 years of experience in the seismic and computing industries in Australia and Europe. His current work focuses on software and system development, with additional involvement in geophysical special projects.

Andrew Kinmont is director of Sapiens Innovations Pty. Ltd, a consultancy in the design and construction of electronic and digital systems. Andrew has consulted to Velseis for more than 20 years with an emphasis on computer control, embedded systems, and geophysical acquisition systems. Most recently Andrew has been a key contributor to the development of Velseis’ VEGAS recording system.

Shaun Strong graduated from University of Queensland with a first-class honours degree in geophysics in 2003. After a short period doing gravity acquisition, he joined Velseis, working in production data processing and more recently R&D. Shaun plays an important role in providing infield technical support to our acquisition crews, and carries out a range of applied research including seismic modelling, algorithm development and multicomponent seismology. In 2016 Shaun received the PhD award from University of Queensland for a thesis entitled “Resolution Enhancement in Shallow 3D-PS Seismic Reflection”.

Other Contributors

Alan Meulenbroek graduated from University of Queensland with an honours degree in geophysics in 2006. In his time at Velseis Alan has worked in field operations, R&D, and data processing.
In 2016 Alan was awarded the M Phil degree from University of Queensland, for a thesis entitled “Inversion of seismic refraction amplitudes for near-surface velocity control”.

Stewart Fletcher graduated from University of Queensland in 2013, with an honours degree in geophysics. Stewart received the Best Student Paper award at ASEG 2013 for “Deconvolution of correlation noise in coded-impact seismic systems”. Stewart’s primary role is in seismic-processing (onshore, 3D, broadband, time, unconventionals, high-fold, high-resolution, ultra-shallow). He also works in software development, with a focus on geophysical processing and productivity enhancement.

Jason Stephenson graduated from University of Queensland in 2013, with an honours degree in geophysics. Jason’s primary role is as a field geophysicist working on Velseis crews in Australia and overseas. Jason is also involved in geophysical software development, particularly in the areas of acquisition QC and recording interfaces.