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Our People

At Velseis, our people are our most valuable resource, with a healthy mix of operational experience and technical qualification in all our divisions. We have a flat management structure with senior staff heavily involved at the operational level. There are key people at all levels of the company – too many to list here. However, these are some of the people you might be dealing with.

Steve Hearn (Managing Director and Chief Geophysicist)
Steve has 30 years experience in the seismic industry, with Australian and international contractors, and as a consultant. He joined Velseis as Chief Geophysicist in 2000. In addition to his corporate responsibilities, Steve oversees the geophysical and R&D activities of the company. Steve has a Ph.D. in geophysics from University of Queensland, and teaches geophysics at UQ.

Mike Reveleigh (Director and Project Development Manager)
Mike has 45 years industry experience in survey design, field acquisition, data processing, consultancy, and senior management positions with geophysical and engineering companies. Mike is responsible for project development including technical design, coordination, scheduling and budgeting.

Tim Beale (Director and Field Operations Manager)
Tim has over 30 years involvement with the seismic industry, having worked initially in technical roles in borehole seismology and subsequently in seismic reflection. Tim has overall responsibility for field operations, including surveying, drilling, preloading and seismic acquisition. Due to his strong technical background, Tim is heavily involved in the planning and implementation of new field systems and techniques.

Troy Peters (Geophysical Services Manager)
Troy graduated from the University of Queensland with a B.Sc.App.(Hons) in geophysics. He worked in Velseis’ field operations before moving into data processing, and was involved in the establishment of Velseis Processing in 1992. Troy has played a major role in the industry acceptance of high-resolution seismic imagery as an essential tool for mine planning. Since 2015 Troy has assumed primary responsibility for client interactions regarding Velseis’ geophysical services.

Karel Driml (Manager, Velseis Processing)
After graduating from the University of Queensland with a B.Sc. in physics, Karel joined Petty-Ray Geophysical in 1981. Karel was the Land Processing Supervisor for Digicon Geophysical in Brisbane, and was then instrumental in the establishment of Velseis Processing in 1992. He has significant experience in all aspects of seismic data processing. Karel is responsible for the overall management of Velseis’ data-processing operations.

Mario Vecchi (Manager, Oil & Gas Processing)
Mario graduated from the University of NSW with a B.Sc. in Geology in 1981 and has extensive data-processing experience in Australia and overseas with contractors including GSI, Petty-Ray, Halliburton, and Veritas DGC. Mario joined Velseis Processing in 1998. In his current role, Mario manages Velseis’ seismic data processing for the Oil & Gas sector.