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Company Charter

Velseis Pty Ltd is a high-technology geophysical contracting company, specialising in the provision of seismic imagery to the resource industry. We provide a fully integrated service, including survey design, pre-survey planning, shot-hole drilling, field acquisition, data processing and interpretation.

The core aim of our business is to provide our clients with geophysical information of the highest possible quality. To achieve this aim our operational procedures are based on rigorous geophysical principles and are carried out with strict quality control. Our operational efforts are backed up with responsive management and administration, and a proactive commitment to Research and Development.

The health and well-being of our workers, clients, and the communities in which we work are of paramount importance in all our activities. Velseis is committed to ongoing improvement in the management of Health and Safety, with the objective being a workplace free from adverse incidents.

The continued viability of our operations is dependent on their environmental sustainability. Velseis strives for environmental responsibility in all methodologies and operations.

Our people are our primary assets and are the key to the successful operation of our business. By proactive training and career development, Velseis aims to assist each employee to achieve true job satisfaction and full career potential.

Steve Hearn
Managing Director and Chief Geophysicist
23 September 2015