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Archive for 2018/05/09

Shaun Strong Receives Shanti Rajagopalan Memorial Award

Congratulation to Velseis’ Shaun Strong, who is the winner and the recipient of the Shanti Rajagopalan Memorial Award for 2018.
The Shanti Rajagopalan Memorial Award, which inaugurated in 2013, is presented for the best paper published by a Student Member in Exploration Geophysics in the period prior to each ASEG Conference.
The award was granted for Shaun’s paper co-authored with Steve Hearn entitled ‘Statics correction methods for 3D converted-wave seismic reflection’. The paper was published in Exploration Geophysics, Vol. 48, pp. 237–245.

Shaun completed his PhD at Queensland University in December 2016. He has been working with Velseis since 2004 as a geophysicist and currently has responsibilities in both the research and acquisition departments.

The award is named in memory of the late Dr Shanti Rajagopalan, who passed away in 2010 at the prime of her career. Shanti was one of the best known and respected members of the ASEG, and was well known for her outstanding contributions to the geophysical profession. Shanti was also a major contributor to the ASEG. She was a great supporter of her local branch, served as Victorian Branch President, and was actively involved in the organisation of ASEG conferences in Hobart and  Melbourne. She was also Editor of Exploration Geophysics in 2000 and 2001.

Shaun Strong receiving the Shanti Rajagopalan Memorial Award from ASEG President Andrea Rutley

Shaun Strong receiving the Shanti Rajagopalan
Memorial Award from ASEG President Andrea

Renegade Reaches Australian Shores

Velseis has recently expanded its Vibroseis fleet to include INOVA AHV-IV 380 Renegade Vibroseis buggies, so can now offer clients a diverse range of Vibroseis options. These include IVI Envirovibes (15,000lb), INOVA UniVibs (26,000lb) and the recently acquired INOVA AHV-IV 380 (80,000lb) Vibroseis buggies. This diversity enables the optimisation of each survey with respect to geophysical, logistical, environmental and economic objectives.

The 80,000lb maximum Peak Force Renegade is the largest vibrator in INOVA’S fleet and the largest vibrator currently available in Australia. When compared with the standard 60,000lb INOVA Vibrators, the Renegade 380 offers not only additional ground
force, but larger accumulators and a better reaction mass to baseplate ratio etc. These features provide superior low frequency sweep characteristics, resulting in enhanced broadband capability and superior deep stratigraphic imagery. Importantly, the wheel base width of our Renegades has been reduced to comply with non-pilot road transport regulations and there is an option to fit either forestry lug or balloon tyres.

Velseis representatives would be pleased to discuss the capabilities of this Vibroseis unit and any of our other services, in greater detail.

Since the early 1980’s Velseis Pty Ltd has been at the forefront of providing high quality seismic services to the Australian resource industry. Today, Velseis continues this legacy and is proud to provide a fully integrated suite of seismic services, including survey design, seismic surveying, Vibroseis, Mini-SOSIE, shot-hole drilling and preloading, data acquisition, processing and interpretation.

Renegade Vibroseis buggies